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Creativity for journalism. 5 reasons why you need to be creative as a journalist

In today’s world, communication has become a part and parcel of our lives. We cannot even imagine our existence without the various forms of media out there. 53.6% of people living in this world are active users of social media. This entire process of communication is not blunt, it has been enhanced and made more interesting with a very crucial aspect- creativity. Notice the difference between the two phrases given below:

I have brought chocolate for you, my best friend.

Since you are my best mate, I brought you this chocolate.

Both these sentences have the same meaning, but the latter was glorified with the help of a simple rhyming scheme. Now, this is a very little amount of creativity that we added to a basic sentence. But if we take a look at the bigger picture, creativity makes everything exciting. Considering the media field, we get to know that a lot of lines connected to media literally require tons of creativity, like advertisement, radio, television and what not?

Now, a very important question is that if creativity is so important- then how can one enhance it to excel not only in the media field, but wherever they go. Let’s try to understand the ways by which we can hone our creativity and related soft skills:-

  1. Work on flexibility: If you want to be creative, you should always be open to new ideas and different schools of thought. Creativity is something which enjoys flexibility, variation in terms of thought patterns, and new experiences.
  2. Accept yourself: Many times, it happens that we are apprehensive of being different from the others. But when it comes to creativity, different becomes better. Concepts like social desirability in such cases are nullified. We get complete liberty of expression. A more interesting thing about this is that the more unique (different) an idea is, the more recognition it gets.
  3. Let your curiosity fly: If you are interested in something- read about it, discuss it with your friends, but do not hold it inside you. Who knows that it may have an amazing opportunity hidden in it just for you?
  4. Explore: Absorb as much information you can, even if it doesn’t concern your field of specialisation. This will help you in thinking out of the box. Creativity is all about unleashing the unexpected, unexplored elements connected directly or indirectly to a particular topic.
  5. Give yourself a break: You are not a machine. The human mind also gets fatigued just like the human body. Give it ample time to relax, so that it can bounce back with more sharpness and amazing ideas.

So, now we know that creativity does not come by itself- it needs an active thought process, belief in oneself, and then proper action to enhance it. Everyone receives the gift of creation, but it will benefit only those who nurture it properly, who understand its vitality in their lives.

AND, most importantly- consider the courses offered at VIMC. They will enable you to not just imagine being creative, but actually pushing your boundaries until you become the true genius that everyone out there is looking for. Our master mentors are keen to give you the best exposure and bring out the leaders growing inside you.

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